Monday, June 11, 2018

About me

Hi there! My name is Jouni. I’m a cook graduated from Omnia. I’m currently 24 years old and have been increasingly passionate about food and cooking ever since I can remember. My best food memories come from my grandmother's kitchen.

I graduated from Business College in 2013 and have worked in retail for four years. At fall 2016 I decided that cooking, my dear hobby, should become my profession. And here I am! So far I have experience from working in a café, lunch restaurant, à la carte, banquets and front-of-the-house operations. I have also taken part in a sustainable cooking competition in Croatia and founded a pop-up restaurant for the Restaurant Day Project. Now my long-term dream of working abroad has come true as I've moved to Brussels to work in Restaurant Atrio. This opportunity was made possible through a six-month internship.

My favourite food is game birds, especially wild duck. I want/like/have to taste and smell everything. I'm very interested in dining experience as a whole - but most importantly about perfecting the food. I have started sketching the philosophy and values of my own restaurant. Currently I'm working as sous-chef in Atrio and doing my bachelor's degree in hospitality and sustainable gastronomy which I started in August 2018.

To balance the pressure of kitchen I enjoy tea, nature and books.

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